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Please note: Custom orders placed after November 28th are not guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the handmade nature of our products!


This fun and vibrant collection was inspired by the historic Art Deco district in Miami. When designing this collection, we focused on geometric shapes and bright color combinations, which are signature elements of Art Deco architecture and style. Our goal was to create a fresh, modern look that is a little edgy and a lot of fun... we hope you love it!

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Flower Hoops in Turquoise

$ 38.00

Block Print Flower Earrings in Fuchsia

$ 40.00

Gold and Pearl Seashell Earrings - Smaller Size

$ 46.00

Gold and Pearl Seashell Earrings - Larger Size

$ 52.00

Sunburst Earrings in Pearl

$ 40.00

Camilla Studs in Periwinkle

$ 35.00

Love Studs in Shiny Gold/White

$ 36.00

Sadie Studs in Teal/Citrine

$ 35.00

Sadie Studs in Turquoise/Pink/Teal

$ 35.00

Sadie Studs in Blue/Purple

$ 35.00

Sadie Studs in Pink/Orange/Emerald

$ 35.00

Cameron Earrings in Gold

$ 40.00

Calypso Studs in Pink

$ 36.00

Block Print Flower Earrings in Navy

$ 40.00
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