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Beth Ladd x Kelly Golightly

The Beth Ladd x Kelly Golightly collection is both a tribute – and an invitation – to a bygone era.

Inspired by Truman Capote’s “Swans” — who had a flair for living well and who set unparalleled standards of glamour and grace — our wish is that by adorning yourselves and your homes with these pieces, you are not just embracing accessories; you are joining the flock of glamorous swans that lived life with a wink, a nod and a smile.

Whether lunching at The Beverly Hills Hotel, hosting your own Black & White Ball, or setting the table for a fabulous fete at home, my hope is that each piece in this collection acts as an ice breaker for sparkling conversation.

Here's to making some dazzling memories of our own!


White Swan Feather Earrings

$ 52.00$ 32.00

Pink & White Bow Earrings

$ 46.00

White Swan Napkin Ring

$ 26.00$ 15.00

Pink Swan Napkin Ring

$ 26.00$ 15.00

Pink & White Cabana Stripe Placemats

$ 42.00

Classic Chic Black & White Placemats

$ 45.00

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